This page shares some words which were passed to me from a higher source. They bring hope.
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I am often saddened...

by the intolerance of individuals in this World who claim that only their belief structure is valid and are using religion increasingly as a means of justifying the most barbaric of acts.

How any individual can come to believe that there is a God who approves of them taking life indiscriminately and that they will be rewarded for doing so is totally beyond my comprehension.

It is not my purpose on this website to explain my philosophical beliefs. As a Spiritual Healer I believe the divine energy used to carry out such Healing is available to all irrespective of colour, creed or religious persuasion. It does not even matter if you don’t believe in ‘GOD’ to receive and benefit from Spiritual Healing. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to cooperate with the process.

Some time ago, the words which follow on the subject of ‘TRUTH’ were given to me from ‘a higher source’. These words are self-explanatory and perhaps the fundamental ‘Truth’ is that a small part of God exists in all of us, and when we all become more tolerant of our individuality, will there truly be ‘Peace on Earth’.


So often it is said that there is only one TRUTH and those who assert it are inclined to claim exclusive possession of it. But TRUTH is of the substance of Life and is constantly evolving.

TRUTH cannot be static; it must grow as all life must, ever unfolding new wonders.

The TRUTH that was accepted in past ages and upon which mankind built its religions and concept of GOD, was undoubtedly true for that time, but if it is the living TRUTH you seek, you must journey along the road of Spiritual Enlightenment constantly looking for new horizons which will alter your perception of the meaning of Life with all its complexities.

Do not be blinkered by only seeing TRUTH from a static vantage point. True faith has no fear in searching out and making new discoveries in our quest for Spiritual Development.

Therefore, do not stand still and allow the TRUTH of the past to become the only TRUTH for today and in the future.

Only by having the courage to accept new ‘TRUTHS’ will we be able to grow spiritually and become closer to GOD.