This page contains a form at the base of page, allowing visitors to make contact with me via email.
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Visitors are invited

to use the form provided at the bottom of this page to communicate with me. Depending on the nature of your enquiry, I will require certain information to be included in your message, as detailed under the headings below. You should allow up to seven days for a reply. If due to the nature of your enquiry I need more time than this, I will send you an acknowledgement by email.

Please note that in the case of Distant Healing I do not require any personal item belonging to the person or animal that is to receive healing, but would appreciate being kept advised of any change in their condition on at least a fortnightly basis. Absent Healing is normally sent out over a period of 6 weeks but can be extended if required.

This contact service is offered to individuals only and is not intended for organisations or any branch of the media.

Distant Healing

  1. Name of person requiring healing (if different to that shown on form below or if aged under 18 years)
  2. Details of medical condition for which Distant Healing is being requested.
  3. Has the person who is to receive Distant Healing received advice/treatment from a medical doctor for the condition described in item 2 above?
  4. If the person to receive Distant Healing is not you, are they aware that you have requested healing on their behalf and agreed to this form of treatment?

Distant Healing for animals

  1. Name by which the animal is known
  2. Type/breed of animal and age
  3. Details of adverse medical condition
  4. Has a qualified veterinary practitioner been consulted for the animal’s condition described in item 3 above?

Enquiries for making an appointment to see me

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age unless you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. You will be expected to provide your full name and address where you reside together with a contact telephone number.
  3. If you are disabled, please see topic Directions for special information concerning disabled access.
  4. Please provide as much information as possible about your medical condition and how long you have suffered.
  5. Please confirm that you have seen a medical doctor or other health care professional concerning your adverse condition.

Other enquiries

  1. You may use the form below to make an enquiry about Spiritual Healing or any of the information contained on this website. Constructive comments are always welcome and will be taken into account in any future revisions.
  2. If you would like hard copy of any of the numbered topics shown on the Site Map but do not have printing facilities with your computer, these can be provided by post (UK only). Please just give the topic number(s) of the subjects you require.

    You will be expected to provide a stamped addressed envelope, minimum size C5 (162mm x 229mm), sent to the address given under topic Visiting Me.

    Please ensure that you include sufficient postage to cover the weight for the number of copies you require. Extra stamps, not attached, are always gratefully received to cover the cost of paper and printing.

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