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About myself

A brief summary

Elsewhere on this website I have tried to give a broad and balanced view of the meaning of Spiritual Healing. My primary purpose was to promote a fuller understanding of the process and to deal with some of the more sensitive issues. Under this topic, I am going to express some personal convictions about Spiritual Healing and explain how I became a healer.

This is not intended to be a Curriculum Vitae but a short insight into my beliefs and background. Before I begin, let me emphasise that the opinions expressed are my own and may not necessarily be shared by any healing organisation or by other individual healers.

You could say that healing is ‘in my blood’ as my late father was a healer. He did not however describe himself by this title, as I will explain later on. Like many of his generation, he had a somewhat harsh upbringing but despite such setbacks was an extremely generous and compassionate man. He was not at all materialistic and always found the greatest pleasures in life were in the giving rather than the receiving. Throughout his life he never once accepted any financial reward for all the help he gave people and would travel miles by public transport to administer to those who were too sick to come to him. I give you this background information about my father since his ideals were to very much influence my own development as a healer.
I was the only child and lost my mother when I was eight. In consequence, I became used to accompanying my father on his many visits to patients. Although I never realised it at the time, being ‘bathed’ so often in healing energy and observing first hand the effect it had on patients, was to help me develop my own intuitive ability when carrying out Spiritual Healing. By observing the ‘body language’ of patients at such an early age, it taught me to be able to read various forms of pain and their origin. Today this ability has become so highly developed that often all I need to do is look into the eyes of the patient to know the precise form of their suffering.

One story in particular that my father told me as a child has very much influenced my whole approach to Spiritual Healing and how it should be conducted, and I would now like to share this story with you.

During the Second World War my father, who was a flight-sergeant in the Air Force responsible for a transport unit, spent a lot of his spare time assisting a medical doctor. This doctor realised that my father possessed the most marvellous healing hands. He only had to lay them on you to be immediately guided to the problem area which incidentally, is often not where any pain is emanating. He would work on the affected area using a form of massage which today would be frowned upon as not forming part of an approved method of carrying out Spiritual Healing. This is why I said at the beginning of this article that my father didn’t regard himself as healer but instead as someone with the gift of having therapeutic hands. However, his gift was very much more than just having a soothing touch, and he would regularly deal with conditions which mainstream medicine had not been able to cure.

Because of the encouragement this medical doctor had given him, my father decided that perhaps his gift was something that he could develop and take up professionally after the end of the war. He therefore decided that it would probably be to his advantage to undertake some formal medical training and got hold of a medical book on human anatomy to commence his studies.

It wasn’t long before he was observed by his doctor friend, who straight away approached him and virtually snatched the book out of my father’s hands. In a rather angry tone of voice the doctor then said to him "Don’t let me ever see you reading a medical book again”.

He went on to say "You have a marvellous natural gift and if you start studying medical books, you will find that conflict will develop within you as to what instinctively (or intuitively) you feel is needed by the patient and what your medical training has taught you".

Here was a medical doctor telling my father to follow his instincts and if he remained true to them, they would never let him down. This story has proved to have a profound affect on my attitude to how Spiritual healing should be carried out. My father died many years ago, having dedicated his life to helping people, and now it could be said that I am continuing the family tradition. Having now myself turned 70, I find increasingly that I am regarded as coming from the old school when it comes to how Spiritual healing should be carried out. In point of fact, I am well versed in all the recognised approaches to giving healing and will often adopt a particular technique, or a combination of methods, to suit the precise needs of the patient.

Despite having been used successfully for thousands of years, I am saddened that most of the current methods of teaching Spiritual Healing have largely abandoned the original principles in favour of Eastern philosophy. The essence of Spiritual Healing is in its simplicity and purity of thought. Once human intelligence is allowed to intervene, and starts appealing to the ego by applying controlled techniques, then one demeans Spiritual Healing and makes it no different to any other complementary therapy which is based on trying to manipulate life force energy.

Divine energy has no bounds to its effectiveness and is only limited by our own ability to tap into it and use it to maximum effect. This means largely disconnecting from the conscious mind and allowing the energy to flow unhindered to wherever it is required. This requires no intervention on the part of the healer, who should not attempt to interfere with the process. In other words the healer should just "Go with the flow".

I regret having to say that I find it somewhat disconcerting that healers today who are trying to develop their gift are obliged to attend courses in order to become registered. The number of courses they need to attend has increased, together with the fees, and the syllabuses now include subjects which have nothing directly to do with the act of carrying out Spiritual Healing. In the postscript contained under topic Advice on becoming a Healer, I raise the matter of the belief in Chakras, and how much they now form part of the training courses of different healing organisations. How much such beliefs are influencing Spiritual healing was brought home to me only recently by a bulletin which appeared in a respected healing journal.

This raised the question if one should work through the Chakras from crown to base instead of in the reverse order. Two answers were provided by senior healers which can only be described as ‘esoteric gobbledegook’ and playing on the fears that if one didn’t work downwards instead of up, then ‘bad’ things could happen to you caused by the raising of Kundalini energy. For those of you who do not know what this is, the word Kundalini is Sanskrit for snake or serpent power and is so called because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root Chakra. Many forms of Kundalini awakening have come from Indian Yoga and there can be no doubt that yogis, for example, who practice deep forms of meditation can induce a profound effect on the human mind and cause both psychological as well as physical effects. See topic All in the mind.

If you are going to practice Spiritual healing using these Eastern principles of clearing blockages from the Chakra energy centres, then I believe the proper answer is to apply simple logic and like an electrician trying to diagnose the cause of a break in an electrical circuit, one should connect the ‘test instrument’ to both ends (crown and root Chakra) simultaneously and slowly work upwards towards the source of the healing energy until a pronounced drop in the flow of this energy is felt - thus signifying a blockage or restriction . What is the point in working on the higher Chakras if they are already completely clear?

Once you feel that you have re-established the flow, then you should once again connect between the crown and root Chakras to confirm that the flow has been restored. Further work may be necessary on the lower energy points. Do bear in mind that the flow reduces the furthest you are from the source.

I have used the above technique for many years when I have felt it appropriate for a particular patient and have never experienced any adverse effect; but perhaps the reason for this is that I would not expect to do so. I do not doubt that these methods of conducting Spiritual healing can be most effective but are simply working on the principle which I have expressed elsewhere on this website that ‘Energy follows thought‘. One only has to examine the different cultures and belief structures from all over the World, both past and present, to establish that different techniques are employed to have a similar effect and who can say that one belief structure is any better than another?

It is the power of the belief through faith or formal training that causes the effect. If you feel the need to go through specific rituals or wear talismans or surround yourself with effigies or materials, such as crystals, which you believe have special healing properties, then so be it. But, once again if we apply simple logic, would we not all have to adopt similar beliefs for example, to carry out Spiritual Healing for it to be effective? The fact that we do not proves to me that such procedures are unnecessary as illustrated by the effectiveness of healing with animals or young babies. It is our own ego that makes us believe that human intervention needs to form part of the experience of carrying out natural healing rather than simply opening ourselves up to receive the ‘Light’ from the divine source.

I hope that the above has provided an adequate understanding to the basis by which I carry out Spiritual Healing and which I have used successfully for more than 30 years. In fact, I didn’t start practising healing seriously until after the death of my father in 1983 when some of his patients started to gravitate to me for treatment. Until then I had followed a clerical career leading to office management. At one stage, I was also involved in technical writing which no doubt held me in good stead for when I became involved in the writing of information leaflets for different healing groups. I am aware that the detail provided on this website is probably more than the casual inquirer needs, but there are plenty of reference sources available giving an overview of Spiritual Healing.

My purpose has been to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the subject for those who are searching for a fuller explanation.

For the reasons that I describe under points 1 to 4 of topic Advice on becoming a Healer, I became a registered healer with The Healing Trust in 1995 and have primarily worked from home (formerly known as the Ladysmith Healing Centre). I have also in the past helped out at several healing venues. In my 30+ years as a healer I must have seen thousands of patients and hope that I have been successful in helping the vast majority of them. I have on occasions experienced what some would describe as miraculous results but would be the first to admit that I have also had my share of failures.

Of course, as made clear in other topics on this website, Spiritual Healing can never guarantee a complete cure and much depends on the attitude and cooperation of the patient. Unfortunately, on some occasions patients seem reluctant to fully commit to the process or accept responsibility for their own well-being. I have now wound down my healing activities but will never refuse to see a patient who genuinely needs my help. If you have come to my website to seek out further information about Spiritual Healing and are considering trying this form of treatment for yourself or a loved one, I hope that what I have written here will encourage you to do so. Why not give it a go? Spiritual Healing is completely non-invasive and may provide you with the help you have been looking for.
George Leeks

George Leeks
1905 - 1983
(My father)

To conclude, a few questions and answers for those patients who are considering coming to me

Q:Question: What are your charges for Spiritual Healing?
Earlier in this article I explained how my father had over many years performed acts of healing and never accepted any form of financial remuneration. He did this despite having to bring up a young son and hold down a full time job.

With the principles he instilled in me, I have always found it difficult to apply fixed fees for providing healing. I belong to that group of Spiritual Healers who recognise that the healing energies emanate from God, and hold the philosophy that it is wrong to charge for something which we do not own. As a gift from God, healing should be given freely to help mankind and is a true expression of love and compassion. However, the realities are that there are the normal overheads relating to wear and tear, heating, lighting, telephone and other miscellaneous administrative expenses in running a healing practice.

Many healers have families to support and all the associated overheads in running a home and it is unrealistic to expect them to provide healing for free. Fortunately, I do not have such family commitments and having retired early from a reasonably well paid job, I am relatively financially secure and able to offer healing to everyone on a voluntary donation basis. In fact, there is a shortfall in donations received compared with actual expenses in providing a healing service which I am obliged to subsidise. Like my father, I believe that there are greater rewards in life than the accumulation of material things.

Unfortunately, because we are now living in an increasingly materialistic society, more people assess ‘quality’ simply in terms of ‘cost’. By in effect providing healing for ‘free’, I find that one sometimes has to suffer a certain lack of respect from those who seem to be only able to measure the value of something simply by the magnitude of one’s fee. The attitude seems to be that it cannot be worth very much if you are prepared to give it away. What a sad reflection of our society, that we can only appreciate something in terms of its monetary value. The irony is that I am judged not on my ability as a healer, but by the size of my fees, and I would have a much more extended appointment book if I made inflated charges. However, by doing so I would be betraying my spiritual principles and the memory of my late father.

By only accepting voluntary donations one also encounters the situation that some people who can afford the most give the least, and those that may be classed as ‘poor’ are often the most generous, wishing to show their sincere appreciation for the help which they have received. This can mean that sometimes they are giving more than they can reasonably afford.

If you wish to make a donation but are uncertain as to how much to contribute, please give due consideration to the standard of the facilities and the treatment that you have received and how much you have benefited. However, please do not donate more than you can reasonably afford, especially if you need to receive a course of treatments. It is more important to me that you receive the help you need, without you feeling prevented from coming again because of financial considerations.

Q:Question: Do you make home visits, or attend Hospitals/Hospices?
A:Answer: with respect to Hospitals/Hospices

I had to make the reluctant decision some time ago to withdraw from making hospital visits. This does not apply to patients who are known to me and who I have previously given healing. Unfortunately, I have found far too often, in the case of requests to visit hospital patients or those who in a hospice who are gravely ill, that such requests are made by loved ones who have turned to Spiritual Healing as a last resort, when conventional medicine has apparently failed. Invariably some sort of miracle is expected which is usually unrealistic.

I have tried to make clear elsewhere on this website the basis by which Spiritual Healing is carried out and that such expectations for terminally ill patients will normally result in disappointment. This is not to say that Spiritual Healing which has been allowed to complement medical treatment has not aided remarkable recoveries. It is so sad that people will often only turn to healing when it is far too late to reverse an adverse medical condition.

In the past I have been presented with the situation that the patient is no longer lucid, or is unconscious or in a coma, and is surrounded at their bedside by relatives who are trying to come to terms with the probable imminent loss of their loved one. In this environment, I am expected to be able to reverse what is invariably the inevitable and this puts me, as the healer, in a very difficult position.

Such visits can also take up a great deal of time, and parking in or around hospitals in my locality can be difficult, and fees very expensive, and it is difficult to broach the subject of my out-of-pocket expenses in such distressing circumstances.

With due humility I have tried to help people whenever I can, but making the type of visit which I have just described can often only serve to exacerbate an already distressing situation. As I have said elsewhere on this website, it is not always possible for healing to make people well in the physical sense. Healing can also be about coming to terms with the realities of a particular situation, and finding the strength to go on, and turn adversity to one's advantage.

If you are having difficulty coping with a loved one being gravely ill, or they have sadly recently died, then Spiritual Healing could be of great benefit to you in providing upliftment. Although I may not be in a position to visit the patient, I am always willing to provide Distant Healing which can be requested by clicking Contact above. This is often given to assist the peaceful passing of a loved one.

In this connection, I have always made an exception to visiting patients who are terminally ill and who have accepted their situation, but who have no close friends or relatives to turn to for comfort or understanding. Nobody should have to be on their own in such circumstances, and I regard it as a privilege to be invited by the patient to share part of their final days, and to discuss openly with them any of their fears or anxieties. Above all, Spiritual Healing can help to create within us that ‘inner peace’ whereby we can willingly go to the light.

A:Answer: with respect to Home visits
Such visits can be considered for patients who are genuinely incapacitated and have no practical means of coming to me and who live within reasonable travelling distance of Enfield, North London. Please appreciate that home visits take up much more of my time and the factors already described under Hospitals/Hospices above will equally apply. Often patients who do not find it easy to travel for treatment will have long standing medical conditions which may be irreversible or not easily cured. Please try to be realistic in terms of your expectations when considering Spiritual Healing. It may be more realistic to expect healing to help with possible physiological effects caused by a prolonged disability.

Q:Question: What is your policy for treating animals?
(Please also see topic Legal Matters, relating to the treatment of animals)
A:Answer: Animals like young children can be very receptive to healing energy but unless one can be assured of their good behaviour, Distant Healing is probably the best option and can be requested under Contact above. Domestic animals may be brought to me for healing but please consider that the travelling and strange surroundings may make them fretful or distressed, and be counter-productive to their well-being. My experience in treating animals has mainly been with dogs and cats, and I have achieved good results.

I have not had the opportunity to provide healing to horses, but The Healing Trust may be able to provide you with a registered equine healer in your area who has the necessary experience and is prepared to travel to where your animal is stabled.

Q:Question: How do I make an appointment?
You should use the form provided under Contact above and include the specific information requested for your particular category of enquiry. Distant Healing can be provided to anywhere in the World and your request will be acknowledged with a commencement date, and details of how to contact me by email or telephone, to keep me updated with any changes in the patient’s condition.

Important... ~ Please do not call at my home address without first making an appointment ~

I do not have a Receptionist which means that such disruptions could interfere with a healing session, as well as cause delays with appointment times. If you find that you are unable to keep an appointment, please try and let me know by telephone as early as possible so that your allotted time may be offered to someone else who is in urgent need of treatment. Please also try and arrive on time, otherwise your session may have to be shortened or cancelled, to avoid causing delays in seeing other patients.

Kenneth Leeks MTHT
The message reads: A new day, a new beginning