This page discusses the topic of counselling, and whether it should be included as part of a Spritiual Healing session.
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Counselling and Spiritual Healing

From my leaflets and other articles appearing on my website it should be apparent that I firmly believe that we must firstly heal the mind before we can expect any improvement in our physical well-being.

Often a whole gamut of emotions will be brought to the surface during a healing session. Do not be apprehensive that if this should happen to you that you might lose control. Please be assured that you will receive all the support you need to deal with any issues which you may find difficult to address. Unlocking what may be unhappy or traumatic events in our past and coming to terms with them is an essential part of the healing process. I should emphasise that no form of hypnosis or regression techniques are used during a healing session. Spiritual Healing, when practised correctly, will only release suppressed emotions in a controlled manner as our adverse condition improves enabling us to confront and deal with these sensitive issues.

My prime function as the Healer is to channel healing energy through you to boost your own capacity to deal with whatever ails or troubles you. Healing will be largely ineffective if you do not understand and fully cooperate with the process. Although I will try and give you all the reassurance you need during our healing sessions together, you must ultimately be prepared to accept responsibility for your own well-being. I cannot take this responsibility from you.

It should be further understood that any counselling offered to you will be strictly in the context of what is derived from a Spiritual Healing session and what is deemed appropriate in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Healing Trust. Therefore, please be advised that psychic or clairvoyant readings do not form part of this process. It is also not my responsibility to offer you a medical diagnosis - albeit on some occasions, I may be impressed that something associated with your lifestyle is causing, or at least aggravating, your condition. In such circumstances, it may be appropriate for me to relay this information to you providing it does not conflict with any treatment or advice that you have received from your doctor or other health care professional.

There remains some controversy if counselling should form part of Spiritual Healing and the following general notes may assist in clarifying the situation.

Should Counselling be part of Spiritual Healing?

Although over the years as a healer I have dealt with most medical conditions, it is probably the process of releasing deep-rooted negativity from within our mind which has become one of my specialised areas of treatment. This is not to be confused with recognised psychiatric conditions requiring specific medication such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia or forms of acute depression which should be referred to the appropriate mental health professional registered with the General Medical Council.

In dealing with destructive negative emotions which manifest through the act of Spiritual Healing requires a special form of counselling which comes from the healer’s natural intuitive ability. This recognises the capacity of the patient and their capabilities in dealing with a given situation rather than offering specific advice based on one's own character and experiences. Very often this form of counselling involves posing questions to the patient to widen their understanding and thus see things from a different perspective. It is very important to encourage the patient to explore their own answers to what is disturbing them rather than the healer trying to implant their own opinions.

It is only relatively recently that healing organisations have begun to realise that the proper form of counselling needs to be provided to support the patient whose mind is disturbed and which becomes apparent during the act of carrying out Spiritual Healing. It is quite wrong for a healer who has released emotions which are making the patient distressed to then send them on their way. In other words, leave them to their own devices. Unfortunately, public healing venues are seldom conducive to dealing effectively with emotional issues and in consequence the healing received will be restricted in its effectiveness.

If you suspect that you have at least in part emotional issues which are significantly affecting your sense of well- being, then you would be best advised to only seek Spiritual Healing in a private environment, where available time will be more flexible than the regime imposed at most public events.

For too long, carrying out counselling as part of a Spiritual Healing session was frowned upon and regarded as inappropriate. In fact, the correct form of counselling is very often a critical part of the process and should be readily welcomed. There are still those healers who are reluctant to offer intuitive counselling. This may be because they hold the belief that it is not part of their remit or they simply do not feel competent to do so. Available time may be an additional factor as counselling can be quite time consuming.

If you feel that you might benefit from counselling during a healing session, do establish when making an initial appointment with a registered healer that they can offer this as part of your treatment

Kenneth Leeks MTHT
The message reads: Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.
Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.
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