This page explains how to go about locating a Spiritual Healer in your area.
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Finding a reputable Healer

Who to go to for Spiritual Healing

There is no doubt that gifted healers do exist who have not felt the need to undertake any formal training but nevertheless are of a competent standard and have probably gained their reputation by word of mouth. However, if you do not know of a healer through recommendation, how can you be sure that they will be of an approved standard and treat you with complete integrity?

Most of the respected healing organisations insist that their Healers satisfy strict criteria before being accepted for full membership. This will normally involve a probationary period of at least 2 years during which the trainee healer will receive both practical and theoretical instruction in all aspects of Spiritual healing. In the case of the larger healing organisations, such as for example the NFSH, they will be expected to attend healing courses to further develop and understand the principles by which Spiritual Healing is carried out.

In addition, before a probationer can become a fully registered healer, he/she will be expected to attend an assessment panel to demonstrate their healing ability and will be questioned on their understanding of the healing organisation’s Code of Conduct. This is to ensure that they are fully familiar with the entire ethical and legal requirements. They will also have to be able to produce testimonials from satisfied patients to prove their competence to practice as a Healer.

I have given the above summary of the requirements to becoming a Registered Healer to demonstrate that there is a very thorough vetting procedure, and it is not the case of simply paying a subscription fee before being able to join one of the recognised healing organisations as a healer member. This is your safeguard to ensure that if you receive healing from a Registered Healer, it will be to the highest professional standard.

Most of the recognised healing associations belong to two umbrella organisations. The largest of these is ‘UK Healers’ which was formed to develop a single regulatory body that the government would recognise following the Lords ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine Report’ in November 2000. The second group of healing associations is ‘BAHA’ – British Alliance of Healing Associations. Most, but not all, of these have much smaller memberships and do not always operate nationwide. However, this should not imply that the standard of healing available from any of these smaller healing organisations will be in any way inferior.

There is an inter-relationship between UK Healers and BAHA and both form part of the CHO (Confederation of Healing Organisations).

To contact any of the healing organisations under the UK Healers or BAHA regulatory bodies, please use the links provided below. These contain full listings of their membership. You should be assured that all their Healers have satisfied the standard of competence described above and are fully insured to practice Spiritual Healing i.e. are covered for Public Liability At Law for claims for breach of professional duty when giving healing. Most Registered Healers will display their certificate of insurance or have it readily available, on request.


BAHA (British Alliance of Healing Associations):

CHO : The CHO was primarily set up to advance public awareness and promote methods of Healing. This web site includes details of other affiliated healing organisations.

The Healing Trust : With the working name of NFSH, this is the largest Spiritual Healing organisation in the UK with over 5,000 members made up of both student and full healer members.

To be put in touch with an NFSH Registered Healer in your area, visit the NFSH website and click on ‘Access Healing’ and then select 'Find a Healer'. You will be asked to enter a postcode and will then be given a list of registered healers in your area. However, this will not necessarily be a full listing as the site is still being developed and some healers do not have an email address.

If you cannot find a location which is a practical distance for you to travel, The Healing Trust operates a Healer Referral Service from their Central Office in Strixton, Northants on telephone no. 01604 603247. You will then have an opportunity to discuss your specific needs.

Some healers specialise in particular medical conditions and/or give healing to animals. There are also healers who will make home visits and visit hospitals. The Healing Trust will do their best to provide you with a choice of healer in your area that will suite your needs, but depending on your locality, such a choice may not always be possible.

They will only provide you with a name and contact telephone number for a healer and their general location. It will be up to you to contact the given healer and if you mutually agree to meet, to exchange further details. Some healers will charge a fixed fee whilst others will only accept a voluntary or minimum donation.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider visiting one of the Healing Trust's approved centres. Full details can be obtained by selecting 'Healing Centres' after clicking 'Access Healing' from the Healing Trust's website home page.

I am located in Enfield, North London. If you would like to come to me for Spiritual Healing then please click on the Contact link above. Further details of my credentials as a healer are given under topic About Myself.

Kenneth Leeks MTHT
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