This page discusses distant healing, where the Healer provides assistance to a patient who is not present at the healer's premises.
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Distant Healing

Absent (Distant) Healing

Spiritual Healing may be conducted without the recipient (patient) being present. This is known as ‘Absent’ or ‘Distant Healing’. Since most healing organisations nowadays seem to adopt the latter description, I will in respect to the trend use this description throughout this text. Other reference sources may also describe this process as ‘Long-Distance Healing’, ‘Mind Energy’, ‘Absentee Healing’ ‘Mind-to-Mind Healing’ or ‘Remote Healing’. All these descriptions are describing the process whereby healing energy can be transmitted over any distance to the patient.

This contrasts with ‘Contact Healing’ which is given in the presence of the recipient. In point of fact, increasingly Spiritual Healing is now being taught involving minimal actual physical contact and instead is adopting Eastern concepts and in particular, working with energy centres known as ‘Chakras’ taken from Hindu beliefs. Therefore, the term ‘Contact Healing’ is increasingly becoming a misnomer particularly in a literal sense and there is a divergence in the techniques used when conducting ‘Contact’ as opposed to ‘Distant’ Healing. There does exist in some quarters a difference of opinion in how much involvement there needs to be by the recipient when Distant Healing is carried out, and the ethics of whether this form of treatment should be performed without their prior knowledge or consent.

We will now debate these issues. connect A request for Distant Healing will often be made by a third party on behalf of a relative or friend who for whatever reason is unable to receive Contact Healing. No doubt, such requests are being made with the best possible intentions, but is this necessarily respecting the beliefs or desires of the recipient? There are those who strongly hold the view that carrying out Distant Healing on someone without their prior knowledge is a violation of their basic right to refuse such help, and in any event healing energy which is directed to someone who is not ready or willing to receive it, will be largely ineffective. It must be respected that there are individuals who very much oppose the principles by which Spiritual Healing is carried out.

Whilst we might feel that their feelings are misguided, nevertheless their views should always be properly considered before any request for Distant Healing is carried out. Of course, some recipients of healing will be too ill, or be unconscious or in a coma to make a determination for themselves and in such circumstances, one can only make the decision for them on the basis of what is known of their religious and philosophical beliefs.

Some healing groups as well as individual healers, will as part of their attunement process when conducting Distant Healing ensure that they receive permission from their understanding of the source of the healing energy before they proceed. They will adopt a different approach if they are not impressed that the patient is ready or able to receive healing energy and will instead create the right conditions whereby it will be readily accessible to the patient if and when they are able to accept it. Most healing organisations as well as many individual healers, offer Distant healing and some will make a point of asking you, when you are making the application for another person, if that person knows of your request. This is so healing can be tailored to their specific needs and ensures that the correct protocol is followed. The amount of information that a healing organisation or individual healer will require to carry out Distant healing will vary and some may also find it of benefit, but not necessarily essential, to have something personal relating to the recipient to act as a focal point when transmitting the healing energies. Such items may for instance be an example of their handwriting - perhaps just a signature, or a photo or in the case of an animal a small lock of its hair.

As stated elsewhere on this website, Spiritual Healing is not an exact science and different attitudes exist as to what role the recipient of healing needs to play when Distant Healing is carried out. I have already emphasised in other topics that I regard the recipient’s full participation in the healing process as essential, and this applies equally to Distant Healing. Ignoring the ethical considerations already mentioned, the patient’s full knowledge and cooperation in receiving Distant Healing can only act to their advantage, as is described below.

There is the school of thought that the link by which Distant Healing is carried out will be strengthened if both parties, healer and patient, focus their minds at a predetermined time.

In most cases this is impractical, particularly if Distant Healing is sought through a healing organisation such as The Healing Trust where a dedicated group of healers will meet on various days and evenings each week and at different times. Normally a healer within the group will read out any requests received for healing and then Distant Healing will begin. The actual technique employed will be determined by the belief structure of the healing group (sometimes called a ‘circle’) and may involve a combination of prayer for divine intervention and the focusing of creative thought to surround and permeate the patient with healing energy.

The patient should be encouraged to use visualisation techniques to aid their recovery and to open their minds to welcome healing and as recommended by The Healing Trust (NFSH) – “asking to receive it and giving thanks periodically”. Animals are naturally attuned to the Universal Life Force and therefore, do not require such mental disciplines.

One of the most renowned Spiritual Healers of the 20th Century was Harry Edwards who was instrumental around 1955 in the formation of The Healing Trust. He very much adopted a ‘hands-on’ approach when conducting Spiritual Healing, as did most of his contemporaries of that time. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that Eastern beliefs started to influence the method by which Spiritual Healing was carried out and which today have resulted in a mainly ‘hands-off’ approach.

Harry Edwards
As well as Harry Edwards performing Contact Healing, he very much carried out Distant healing and kept a record book and healing register of all his ‘clients’. In 1944 his house was wrecked by a German bomb and all his records were destroyed. He was devastated by this event and thought that without factual information about his patients, he would be largely ineffective when sending out Distant Healing. He would only be able to recall from his memory certain specific cases and transmit general prayers for the remainder. To his astonishment he found there was no falling off in the improvement of most of his patients – in fact, the percentage of good results was actually increased!

Here was evidence that the transmission of healing energies do not have to be focused by the healer for a particular patient at a predetermined time and that sending them out over a specified period is unnecessary. The concept that healing energy somehow becomes diluted and needs to be topped up periodically to maintain its potency has no factual basis in Distant Healing. The Universal Life Force has no limits to its power and effectiveness and the Healer (or group of Healers), are merely opening up a channel whereby it can be directed effectively to the recipient. Animals are naturally ‘switched on’ to receive this type of energy but the vast majority of human beings have lost this innate ability.

To understand this process clearly, let us use a simple analogy. We have already described how the mind regulates our physical well-being (see topic All in the Mind). Imagine your mind is a radio or television receiver. Firstly, it needs power (energy) for the working components to be able to receive signals (stations) which are sent out by a transmitter over specific frequencies. If this receiver is not switched on, and tuned to the correct frequency, then no broadcast will be received. Likewise, it is how healing energy is received; we must firstly attune ourselves to the correct frequency and then tap into the Source. Once the connection is made we can continue to use it as long as we remain ‘switched on’.

The Healer(s) are therefore helping to point the ‘signal’ in the right direction to help the recipient to make the correct connection whereby it will then be up to them (the recipient) to determine how effective this source of Life Force energy will be in restoring their well-being. From the foregoing it should be apparent that the full knowledge and cooperation of the patient is often paramount for Distant Healing to be effective. However, the belief is held that when the conscious mind is switched off, such as when a patient is in coma, the subconscious mind re-establishes the ‘etheric’ link whereby ‘natural’ healing can take place.

The Healing Trust will accept requests for Distant Healing for yourself, your family, a friend or an animal. Such requests can be made by email, phone, letter or fax. The Healing Trust website includes a facility to request Distant Healing. The link below will take you directly to their website which provides further information on Distant, as well as Contact, Healing. The Healing Trust normally carries out Distant Healing for a patient over a 6 week period although this can be extended for as long as necessary. The person making the application or the recipient should keep the The Healing Trust informed of any progress in their condition.

Alternatively, Distant Healing may be obtained directly from me. Please use the link provided under Contact. The topic About Myself includes further information on my approach when carrying out Distant Healing.