This page offers assistance for those who are trying to come to terms with the passing of a loved one.
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Only next door

The following words offer reassurance and hope for those who are trying to come to terms with the death of a loved one.

Death is the greatest imposter of them all. His dark cloak is merely a curtain, which hides a door, a gateway to just another plane of existence. Everything goes on as before, even if temporarily hidden from our earthly understanding. Nothing really changes, I shall still be I. and you shall still be you. Our eternity is as natural as the sunrise.

When loved ones die, it is as though they had merely just gone into the ‘next room’, gently closing the door behind them. And although out of sight, they are still there, still remembering, still watching, and waiting. If you could only open that ‘door’, you could once again see them, touch them, hear them, and above all, share with them.

Television picture signals are all the time passing through the air, even through our bodies. We are quite unaware of them. And yet, with the right kind of ‘Receiver’, they once again manifest themselves as Sights, Sounds, and Experience. And it is much the same for our departed. They are still there, and merely on a different ‘Frequency’, a frequency too ‘high’ for our recognition. But each time you remember them, remember their lives, joys, fears, hopes, and above all their Love, then in a strange way, you too momentarily become the ‘right kind of receiver’, able to tune into their ‘new frequency’.

Our departed still watch over us, sometimes reaching out to touch us with a poignant echo of what went before, or what might have been. They wait patiently for us to join them one day. A day when all will be revealed, all will be made clear. In a world where grief and sorrow, hate and envy, cannot wound us any more. The ‘waiting’ does not matter, only the final destination, the final Peace and Tranquillity. Never fear Death, it is just a Passport, a single step into the ‘room next door’.

We are all assembled in the great ‘Waiting Room of Life’, having to endure the endless jostling, the overcrowding of fears and suffering. But one day, it will be our privilege, our certain reward, to be able to open that Door, and to step through, to find our Departed waiting for us, ready to greet us once more with smiling faces, and joyful hearts. In the meantime, all that is required of us, is Faith, Love, and a Dear Remembrance.

Reproduced by kind permission of the author, Bob Cribb

Thank you Bob, for your friendship and for all the advice and support you have given me over the years.
  -- K.L.