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Based in Enfield, London, the Spiritual Healing services I offer are based upon more than 50 years of experience, using skills passed down from father to son. So, friend, how may I help you?
This website provides a description of all aspects of Spiritual Healing, which is a form of Complementary and Alternative medicine.

You are invited to read the Introduction, which follows on the next page, to consider if Spiritual Healing might suit your needs. I will then assist you to navigate between the various related topics.
Kenneth Leeks
Kenneth Leeks
Tranquil rock pool
A view of my garden where healing can
be conducted, if weather permits.
Now comes a brief summary...
The energy source providing Spiritual Healing has many names by different cultures and religions dating back over thousands of years. From them has sprung an array of therapies that attempt to direct or regulate the effects of this energy.

Spiritual Healing has been described as being derived from the 'Soul' - but what are these non-physical aspects of a person if we deny their divine origin?

All matter that exists in the Universe is an expression of energy and a true Spiritual Healer will believe that this energy is derived from a divine source. This does not require a belief in a particular religion but merely acknowledges that the creation of the universe did not happen by chance but through an intelligence beyond our comprehension.

All living creatures have the ability to tap into this divine energy but it is only human kind that so often feels the need to create techniques to harness it and use it in a controlled manner. In essence, Spiritual Healing requires no human intervention but openness to the process whereby all barriers are removed, allowing the full potential of divine healing to take place.